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4G Cellular Hidden Cameras

Cellular Security Cameras Use Cell Data To Notify You When Triggered

Cellular Cameras may mark one of interactive, real-time home security & surveillance most valuable innovations. In locales where internet service is nearly a logistical impossibility, a Cellular Security Camera taps the power of lighting-fast 3G and 4G data networks to maintain synchronization of an entire home security network.

These outstanding devices maintain a strong network connection that may be even more dependable than home WiFi, ensuring your home or business are always monitored. If you live within a cellular coverage area, your surveillance technology will never be limited by a rural scarcity of internet infrastructure.


Essential Features of Cellular Hidden Cameras

Like many popular hidden security cameras, 3G and 4G cellular spy cameras can be disguised in a variety of inconspicuous objects that wouldn't give an unaware subject a second thought. These wireless devices represent perfect solutions for installation where cost-prohibitive or logistical internet cabling becomes a limitation. Each 1280x720 HD camera is outfitted with a 4G data hotspot, just like the cellphone you carry in your pocket,  many of which include around 2.5GBs of 4G data per month which is more than enough for most situations. Often, once the 4G data allotment has been used up, the hotspot switches over to a 3G network, though there's typically an option to purchase additional 4G data.

These cameras are about as secretive as remote surveillance tech gets. There's no WiFi broadcasting ID, Cat5 jack, though many cameras carry around 16GB or so of onboard storage for later playback. Mobile and PC devices can activate a camera in seconds and tap into live stream and playback feeds at any time for real-time peace of mind.

For the most part, these cameras are 100% plug-and-play simple with optional instant updates when a camera activates upon detecting motion. Some come with rechargeable


Extreme Remote Surveillance When You Need It Most

In isolated areas, time is of the essence in an emergency. That's when a Cellular Security Camera truly shines. The longer it takes your system to make you aware of an intruder, the less chance that help can be summoned in time to prevent a possible tragedy. Imagine what damage could be done to your vacation home in the woods that you only visit every 6 months? Not to mention the high internet provider rates you would need to pay. These cellular data network-based devices keep you apprised with instant alerts as soon as something triggers recording. Even when far from the nearest aid, you'll still know as soon as you and your family are threatened.


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