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Audio Surveillance

Easily record important meetings, conversations, phone calls using our voice activated recorders and audio surveillance devices. Audio surveillance has never been easier using any of these affordable devices 

Audio Surveillance Equipment Choices

Once, spoken words are like toothpaste pouring from a tube or bullets fired from a gun: once they're out, they can't be put back. Whether you "trust, but verify" or need to quietly collect an undeniable proof of record from a disingenuous party you suspect presents a different face when it seems assured no one is paying attention, cover every possible escape from your investigation.

The more versatile your audio surveillance equipment at documenting chatter through a variety of channels, the more likely you are to covertly uncover exactly what you need to know.  

Why Audio Spying Devices For Listening

Don't make evading your net relatively simple by going all-in focusing on one possible platform for conversation. The greater your arsenal of audio surveillance gear, the more ears you can have actively capturing chatter at any given time. 

For starters, it is always prudent to have a dedicated digital voice recorder. A number of listening and recording devices simultaneously record what they transmit in real time, but planting a device to strictly record conversations in which you are not an active participant or at least a real-time eavesdropper is often expressly prohibited by law.  Some audio recording devices could transmit the signal, and doing so a bug detector can easily pick up that transmission signal when it's in use. However, many laws hold loopholes that provide exceptions for recording personal conversations as a participant, even when doing so covertly. Hence, a discreet digital voice recorder is a must for gathering first-hand evidence that will stand up in a court of law. 

Just the same, many individuals regard personal phone conversations as being almost certainly secure against spying. That overestimated sense of security creates an exploitable weakness that may lend your reconnaissance agenda an advantage. Take every upper hand on this channel you can get: start with a phone call recording device to independently document conversations - perhaps even a voice changer if planning an "undercover" sting - but add difficult-to-detect cell phone and PC monitoring tech to keep tabs on targeted parties' Skype and wireless calls placed to third parties. 

Audio Spy Devices Enable You To Record, Verify & Trust

Not everybody needs a well-rounded audio spying audio device. Anyone who does has no reason to settle for a straightforward one-dimensional reconaissance plan. When circumstances call for covert audio surveillance carried out within the letter of the law, they likely also call for a complete technology package capable of capturing crystal-clear conversation from any possible channel. You may require legally admissible evidence that your words and actions have aligned above-board or incriminating proof that you've incurred personal or professional damage from one or more outside parties. Should those needs arise, you'll be glad you diversified your hardware to meet any need. 

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