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Battery Powered Hidden Cameras

Battery Powered Spy Cameras Will Work Anywhere You Place Them

A Battery Operated Spy Camera solves a fairly simple surveillance conundrum: how "hidden" can any camera stay when tethered to an AC outlet? Just as importantly, how much juice can it conserve without a steady, limitless power supply? The more functions you have; such as WIFI, Night Vision, etc… the power your device will require. However, your situation may require you to drop-and-go a spy camera quickly without having to search for the prime location with a power outlet.

After all, wouldn't a vase with a curious black cord set off any would-be criminal, dishonest babysitter or unscrupulous housekeeper's paranoia?

Battery powered spy cameras are designed to judiciously sip battery life by selectively activating only when needed and otherwise functioning as perfectly innocent household objects. After all, if you can manage to forget that a wicker tissue box, metal DVD case, landscaping stone or fully operational smoke detector quietly houses a wide-angle hidden HD camera, why would a would-be thief? 

Essential Features To Consider With A Battery Powered Hidden Camera

Ideal units can be programmed to not only remain active or on standby during specifically scheduled hours, but to record activity before motion starts and ends.

In the meantime, the battery lies dormant. We're talking anywhere from days to weeks or so of standby time. That box of oatmeal is just a box of oatmeal as far as anyone is concerned. No one who wouldn't know to look much,  Keep in mind the more battery life you need, the larger the device which houses it needs to be. Aside from the HD recording, it’s important to consider how much recording time is actually needed, which would require a larger SD card or internal storage.  Now, just imagine how effective such a device is with Night Vision enabled in the dark, when it would somehow be even less noticeable. As with any premier feature, such as night vision, WiFI or wireless,  more power is required ,so keep that in mind when selecting a form factor. 

No News Is Good News While Waiting

It might be a babysitter that neglects or abuses your children. It could be an unfaithful spouse you catch in the act. Perhaps even a co-worker who betrays your trust. No violation is unthinkable in this day and age.

The great thing about these battery spy cameras is with their long standby times, you can return a week later, remove the SD card, and replace it with a fresh one in seconds so as to not miss a beat of recording. Some even come with removable & rechargeable batteries to swap out just as fast.

How ready do you want to be to catch it in the act and do something immediately? With a battery-powered spy camera, especially one with a WiFi connection for live streaming anywhere at any time, you don't have to find out after the fact ever again. Know instantly.


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