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Car Cameras

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Car Cameras Record All The Action For Honest Proof

Among any profession dependant daily on service vehicles for mobile interactions-from ride-share, chauffeurs and taxi drivers to tow truck operators, emergency responders, commercial truckers, and numerous fields beyond and between-Car Cameras provide invaluable safety and security assurances on several fronts. Not just for work, these can provide proof if you leave your car in an unattended parking lot in case something hits your car, or to record that no so honest person sitting next to you.

A Car spy camera, especially a visible one in plain sight, offers passengers an assurance that their driver's behavior is under a constant watchful eye. Managers and dispatchers can be assured they can always turn to a dash cam for the most truthful and objective account of drivers' behavioral standards while on duty and entrusted with a valuable company vehicle. Finally, for supervisors and drivers alike, Car Cameras represent objective and undeniable record of proof that's admissable as definitive evidence in a court of law. 


Important Vehicle Hidden Camera Features To Consider

A Vehicle Hidden Camera shares at least one general advantage with just about any other pinhole-sized surveillance monitor: the opportunity to capture how drivers, passengers and even other motorists behave when they don't think anyone else could possibly be watching. Advantageous as that insight can be, Car Cameras don't always have to be disguised or even necessarily removed from sight to be effective. It's far more important that any Car Spy Camera deliver video and in some cases audio clarity that some might find surprising.

A quality vehicle hidden camera delivers under a special kind of pressure. The unit has to hold a steady position wherever it may be mounted - often, atop a dashboard - while enduring constant jostling and vibration. All the while, its one job is to document everything that plays out before it in the highest definition possible with the stability of a cinematic dolly.

As with any surveillance camera, you want to ensure the lens has a wide field of view to capture all the action in frame. That all-important reliability further deepens the importance of a camera with flexible battery-conservation settings and overall judicious power drainage so you can feel comfortable knowing the battery will last hours, if not days. Finally, crystal-clear night vision along with picture stability balancing should be key decision-making factors.


Dash Cams Provide Undeniable Proof When You Need It Most

"Your word against theirs" has become too great a gamble in a court of law to be worth assuming. An indisputable record of proof can't be called into question over skepticism of character, unreliable memory, or any understandable reason eyewitness testimony could be called into doubt. Footage is what it is. The camera sees what it sees. It can't be coached, badgered, led, or demonstrate bias. A reliable mounted car surveillance camera virtually guarantees an unmistakable version of any events that could play out before its lens.

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