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Listening Devices

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Listening Devices That Catch What You Can't Get In Writing

Betting on a judge or jury in a court of law to "take your word over theirs" when considering a conversation with no official documentation to validate it can be an unpredictable gamble with high stakes. Nobody who can afford to avoid taking that chance should risk it.
These subtle listening devices can ensure that you never have to bet your case on an undocumented conversation with no credible witnesses again. Any of these voice recorders will create an undeniable legal proof of record that entirely foregoes dependence on hearsay, paraphrasing, or recalling exact wording "to the best of your ability." 
Each listening device says it all literally in no uncertain terms.

Essential Features Of Spy Microphones & Hidden Listening Devices

It is explicitly illegal in virtually every legal jurisdiction to covertly plant a listening device and leave it unattended to record all conversation around it for you. Conversations in which you participate personally however, are a different story. 
Most importantly, these devices are all discreet and simple to use in their own ways. They each function with two all-important purposes in mind: back up the integrity of your own words and hold other parties accountable to theirs with no room to fall back on claims of misrepresentation or incorrect claims to their exact statements and context. Wherever you may tuck away one of these listening devices - even on the opposite side of a solid wall, for some products - they are designed to deliver crystal-clear, unambiguous HD audio whether on your person or up to 20 feet away or more from the actual conversation.
The law will vary from jurisdiction, and you should check with your local laws to verify, however, essentially, the law may not allow you to switch on a listening device, hide it, then abandon it to secretly tap into others' conversations without their consent, but the vast majoirty of these devices are conveniently and discreetly portable with generous battery lives. Choose a model with voice-activated recording, and you have a virtually set-it-and-forget-it audio surveillance option sitting in your pocket that allows you to quietly begin recording before proceeding with your conversation without a second thought.
Ultimately, each recorder can provide hours upon hours worth of crisp audio that stores conveniently in several versatile formats to suit any volume of available storage and function compatably with any playback platform. 

Eliminate Hearsay, Once & For All With Solid Proof

The window to choose between simple trust and trusting with verification closes quickly. Good faith is a noble, optimistic concept that can leave high stakes to chance in any court of law without an undeniable legal proof of record. It only takes one communication breakdown with a trusted contractor, business partner or even a spouse to shatter relationships and leave established careers and future professional endeavors in ruin. 

Trepidation suddenly abounds whenever people know they are being recorded. Protecting your reputation with undoctored documentation has never been more critical than in a world that needs only seconds of instant communication to begin muddying anyone's integrity. Whether you choose to plant a device out of sight behind a solid wall or tuck one away on your person, you have every reason to capture the integrity of a conversation in which every party speaks freely as though the walls have no ears. 

We carry the #1 "Best Selection of Listening Devices" from shotgun microphones with recorders to listen through wall surface mics. Ranges vary from solid surfaces to distances up to 900 feet. Audio Surveillance Equipment and Listening Devices come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at our great selection and let us know how we can help you capture the audio evidence needed. Easily record important meetings, conversations, phone calls using our voice activated recorders and audio surveillance devices. Audio surveillance has never been easier using any of these affordable devices
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