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Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Why Outdoor Hidden Cameras Are A Must-Have

A Covert Outdoor Camera has to do everything an indoor spy camera does, but under exponentially greater duress being exposed to all the elements of nature, protecting the hardware inside while remaining covert. Outside hidden cameras have to sustain long battery lives through especially judicious power drainage and hold their ground against weather and elements indoor hidden cameras simply aren't built to stand.

Dependable outside hidden cameras are a significant first line of proof against invaders infiltrating far enough to even be picked up by additional devices within your home. 

Essential Features Of Outdoor Spy Cameras To Consider

Let's state the obvious for a moment: a well-disguised outdoor camera should mimic an innocent-looking exterior home feature not just in general appearance, but more often than not, by being embedded in the same weather-resistant materials and construction expected of such objects NOT designed with covert surveillance in mind. Doing so would give away the device, and would draw unnecessary attention to it for someone to steal.

Sometimes, these "disguises" themselves aren't exactly subtle. A number of LED motion-detection lights now include hidden cameras that kick on when the lights activate. In other instances, pinhole-sized cameras capture impressive 20' and 140-degree fields of view from ordinary mailboxes, bird feeders, outdoor utility boxes, and insect repellers. It’s important to have invisible IR lights so there are no dead giveaways in the dark while watching activities.

To be clear, a truly worthwhile outdoor spy camera can endure for anywhere from days to weeks of standby time while it holds its charge. A number of units also come equipped with 4G cellular MMS alerts that trigger when the cameras activate, providing for both immediate recording to a DVR, SD memory card of what it picks up - individuals units may vary, but typically in 1280x720 HD at frame rates up to 30 FPS, however usually 5-7 FPS is all you’ll really need. Even better is to have a model with motion detection so that video is only recorded when something happens, conserving battery life, and storage. 

Close The Window Of Opportunity For Bad Behavior

Once a home invader makes it past your front door, it may be too late to prevent loss of property or, even worse, harm to you and your family and have the proof for the authorities. The best outdoor hidden camera units are all designed to last with generous power supplies, clever functional disguises, and even networking tools to keep you apprised of any threats to your home no matter where you may be.

Imagine being out and about, getting a video or image of someone approaching your home to cause harm, in seconds you can send the video to police who can spring into action thwarting a worse outcome. If your premises are outside or in harsh weather locations, then turning to one of these reliable spy cameras is your best first line of preventable defense.

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