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Night Vision Hidden Cameras

Utility Box Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision

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True 720p HD Video Camera 1280 x 720 Resolution All the video being recorded is in crisp & clear HD quality color. This ensures you’ll be able to make out all the details of activity in the room you’re recording. In addition, the...

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Night Vision Hidden Cameras Are A Necessary Upgrade

There was a time when night vision spy cameras were the stuff of shadowy cinematic, television and video game fantasy. Over the past 20 years, that technology has made its way from novelties and high-end gadget catalogs to an affordable, essential place in personal security. It makes little sense, if any, to pass up an Infrared Spy Camera when outfitting a covert home surveillance setup.  

The worst things any of us could imagine someone else doing harm might be committed in some level of darkness. That’s why we typically recommend a camera designed to make the most of limited light to capture illicit and malicious deeds which may under the cover of darkness. Just because it’s daylight out, does not mean the room in which you need to watch has bright light. Remember, most cameras do not have vision as good as our eyes, so when something happens, you want to be sure you have crisp details.

Essential Features To Consider With Night Vision Spy Cameras

We recommend picking a well-disguised night vision hidden camera to place unassumingly where you're most concerned you may need to catch something going down after dark, such as a child's bedroom,a living room,  an office filled with sensitive personal documents and valuables, or at a potential point of entry that you fear may be especially vulnerable at night. Pointing a camera at a doorway will ensure faces are captured. But how far away?

The infra reds built into the IR spy cameras can only work at limited distances. Sometimes 5 feet from the camera, others can go as much as 100 feet away, however most hidden cameras average around 12 feet away due to the amount of IRs and the space in which to fit inside an ordinary looking item. Today's devices deliver exceptional HD video, still and some have audio, captures while unassumingly embedded in perfectly functional objects such as smoke detectors, oscillating fans, alarm clocks, even bird feeders and landscaping stones. Given that any of these objects could be jostled or nudged about in the course of everyday life - remember, no one is supposed to know they house a camera - it's crucial to choose a device that's not just discreet and portable, but also one that stands up to physical abuse and even weather and elements without missing a beat.

Data storage comes down to preference. Some people prefer a sizable built-in DVR that can record days if not months of video , later emptied at one's leisure onto more permanent storage. Others value a WiFi signal to tap instantly into a live feed at a moment's notice from anywhere in the world and instantly dump footage onto an offsite cloud server with seemingly infinite space. Either way, we can't recommend highly enough that any camera you choose come with customizable recording setting such as motion detection.

For a camera meant to record a space at all hours, that means being able to program and schedule when the camera begins surveying from its position, setting up motion activation to conserve battery life by only capturing when it picks up live physical movement, and especially choosing when it turns over to night vision mode to record days to months in low light.

As far as its actual specs, the wider the field of view, the better. A 20'/160-degree field should encompass just about any need. Many cameras available today offer 720p resolution for optimal clarity, but a number of models allow users to dial back picture quality to conserve memory and/or battery life. Zero in on models with invisible white IR illuminators and especially any model that can be synched to a system's sensors to kick on when certain doors or windows open. Particularly sharp models can even pick up vibration, sound or body heat as activation triggers.

Be Prepared For The Worst & Consider The Modest Night Vision Upgrade

As we mentioned, the people who would harm your property or do nefarious things in your home or business are likely opportunistic enough to invade your privacy at night, when they expect you and your family are not around  and none the wiser. If you want to catch them in the act of trying to get to the people you love or burglarize your home, then you need a camera ready to make the best of low light situations.

What you capture could be the incriminating difference-maker in either a moment of catching a dangerous criminal in the act of invading your property or successfully incriminating a perpetrator in a court of law. Choose your eyes and ears in the night wisely.

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