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Since 1999, Spy Associates and our team have provided people with security, surveillance & counter-surveillance needs. Everything is backed by our award winning customer service every step of the process.


1. Up To 8% Commission Rate with Incentives For Select Publishers
2. Many products are over $100 and about $600+ each, with some incredibly high order values
3. Our shoppers are often IMPULSE BUYERS where NEED triumphs PRICE
4. Bring us qualified traffic, and we guarantee you'll have some of your highest grossing months ever
5. We have a high customer satisfaction rate, and extremely low returns.

Terms and Conditions: 

- Violation Policy - All affiliates must abide by the terms and conditions. If affiliates do not, they will be at risk to be removed from the account. If such affiliate has been violating the terms and conditions of this account and have been reached out to, whether that be by email, phone, or Pepperjam Chat three times, and such affiliate has not returned contact, they will automatically be revoked. 

- We reserve the right to void commissions for violations of our policies. 

- Trademark bidding is NOT allowed. 

- Direct linking is allowed.

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