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Nanny Cameras

Light Bulb Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision & DVR

Retail Price: $439.00

Sale Price: $179.00

Fake LED Light Bulb Records HD Video In Darkness Introducing the new Light Bulb Hidden Camera that will catch the suspect in the act from an ordinary light socket.  Incredible 720p high resolution recording in full HD video is captured with night...

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USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection

Retail Price: $199.00

Sale Price: $149.00

Functional Charger Records 1080p HD Hidden Video USB block chargers are a common household item in this age of electronic devices. We need them for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. So what better device to house a hidden spy DVR camera...

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USB Flash Drive Spy Camera w/ Night Vision

Retail Price: $199.99

Sale Price: $149.00

Record Stunning HD Video In Seconds At only .7 ounces, smaller than your thumb, this is truly the smallest HD video camera that comes with all these incredible features. With simple, easy-to-use features, this is the perfect camera to take anywhere you...

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Rotating Tower Fan Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $569.00

Sale Price: $349.00

Fully Functional Fan Records Stunning 1080p HD Video As It Swivels Hiding within this ordinary rotating fan  is powerful hidden camera with a wide viewing angle of 75°. Because it's built into a fully functioning fan, if you...

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What Are Nanny Cameras and Why Should You Get One?

Nanny Cameras tackle one of parenting's inevitable anxieties: leaving your child in anyone else's care but your own gives way to doubt. If you aren't there seeing everything with your own two eyes, you just don't "know" that everything is as it seems.

There's also the reality that not all caregivers hold the children in their charge as the top priority. Nothing better reflects a babysitter or nanny's true colors quite like what transpires when it's assumed no one is watching. An inexpensive Nanny Cam tucks away disguised inside an unassuming household object - teddy bears are the go-to hiding spot - and records everything that plays out in front of it. 

You may trust your caregiver implicitly, but it always pays to verify.

What Are Some Of The Best Nanny Cam Features To Have?

Several Nanny Cams have their unique individual finer points to set them apart, but there are some essential things to check off when choosing a worthy surveillance device. 

  • RECORDING OPTIONS - A Nanny Cam DVR will encode and file footage with a time and date stamp in a format your computer understands when connected via memory card adapter or USB cable. A number of more current models can upload data wirelessly to networked or cloud storage instead. The best cameras will offer options for motion-activated recording and still photography upon detecting physical movement (ignoring, say, a TV screen) or recording either continuously or on a set schedule
  • DESIGN - Quality Nanny Cameras will always provide a wide field of view with a "Minimum Illumination" rating that suggests effective recording in the dark. Before selecting a long-focal length lens, consider that being able to see more distant action may compromise image clarity. It's also best to choose lighter-weight cameras that conserve power well and match up with the plug-in ports your home and devices provide.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Finally, a primer on resolution: since video can be admissable evidence in a court of law, accept nothing less than at least 640 - 480 pixel resolution. Frame rates usually top out at about 30 frames per second, but even 15 fps is enough for clear, fluid footage. Lastly, pitch black night vision to see in the dark, battery life when you don't have a plug or need quick setup and internet viewing to watch live video on your phone or computer are other things to consider when assessing your specific needs. 


Benefits of Having A Nanny Camera For Home

From teddy bears to alarm clocks and radios, covert nanny cameras' disguises will see all without being seen. Everyones surroundings are different, which is why we have multiple form factors to fit virtually any situation. Rest assured, these can spy without being seen. Choose a model with versatile recording and high clarity, and they'll be the next best things to your own two eyes. 
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