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Voice Changers To Better Disguise Your Identity

Every so often, we can't trust someone to interact genuinely with us as long as they know who they're talking to, for any number of reasons. Every so often, supervisors benefit from secretly double-checking their employees' customer service with undercover "secret shopper" scenarios. Some teenagers can't always be trusted to check in with parents honestly when tempted into trouble by being left home alone.

For those occasions you need to know how the mice play when the cats are away, a quality voice changer disguises your identity for an undercover, incognito opportunity to keep someone honest. 


Essential Features Of Voice Changers

Top-of-the-line voice alteration isn't quite as simple as some movies would have us all believe. Actually, even the least of devices among the most trusted models chosen by professionals that depend on them regular for identity protection offer customized "low" and "high" pitch adjustment modes. Simpler designs connect a single wire to almost any cell phone's standard 3.5mm headphone jack supporting a four-contact male connector and work by simply holding the voice changer in the same manner as a phone 

At the same time, other models may offer much finer adjustments for more subtle vocal disguises. Instead of simple "low" or "high" pitches, a more refined voice voice changer can provide upward of a dozen or more levels of tweaks along with built-in mics and output speakers for use with recording devices, but at the cost of not fitting quite so simply onto a phone. Be careful however, because some cheap voice changers would make your voice sound artificial, hence, giving away that your voice is altered. The idea is to be as discreet as possible so the listener is caught completely off guard.

Battery life obviously is bound to vary from one model to the next. However, we recommend settling for nothing less than 6-8 hours of use per full charge or freshly swapped battery.


Speaking Covertly Under The Radar

The integrity of being impeccable to one's word and presenting an honest face to all the world is a priceless quality. There are circumstances in which that noble quality places more trust in others than they deserve. In those instances, few approaches to validating your good faith or unearthing valuable information one wouldn't dare confess honestly to you alike compares to presenting a scenario wherein the other side is oblivious to who is actually dealing with them.