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SG Home WiFi Connection Videos

All SKU's that begin with KB-SG


iOS Wifi Setup

Android WiFi Setup




Watcher Camera WiFi Connection Videos

  • MG-BBWiFi
  • MG-BB4KWiFi
  • MG-WiFiAC1080P
  • MG-Wi-Fi
  • MG-DIY

Motion Detection Setup

E-mail Alerts

Micro SD Card Remote View

FTP Upload




All SKU's that begin with

  • MG-RDWiFiClock
  • MG-TravelACWiFi1080P
  • MG-HCWiFiClockRWS
  • MG-MCCWiFiWeather
  • MG-WiFi1080PBox
  • MG-MCC1080WiFi
  • MG-HCAIWiFiClock

WiFi Setup

Motion Detection Recording

E-mail Alerts

FTP Upload

Micro SD Card Remote Viewing