GPS Fleet Tracking

Spy Hawk® Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

Sale Price: $348.00

Watch Vehicle, Person or Asset Move Across Your Screen LIVE as it happens!  A discreet, water-resistant, live GPS tracker designed for personal, worker, pet, vehicle, and asset tracking. Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for...

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iTrail Solo GPS Tracking Device

Retail Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $199.00

No extra waterproof magnet case or extended battery packs is needed the magnets and long life battery are built into the iTrail SOLO.  For Tracking use our robust tracking platforms either the convenient iTrail app or web tracking platform,...

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Fleet Tracking For Productivity, Cost-Effectiveness And Accountability

An efficiently operating fleet of vehicles and drivers is a business optimized for consistent customer satisfaction. It's a law that holds whether the success of your business hinges on moving people or freight from Point A to Point B in a timely, safe fashion. GPS fleet tracking taps you into a sea of robust vehicle and driver performance data that runs even deeper than pinpointing your vehicles and their cargo anywhere in the world at any given time.

Trustworthy fleet tracking is about much more than accounting for vehicle whereabouts in the interest of peace of mind for clients. Trackers have become instrumental standard equipment in commercial vehicles of all classes that allow managers to leverage data into improving driver productivity and a fleet's overall cost-effectiveness.


Essential Features GPS Fleet Tracking Devices Should Have

Inefficient fleet tracking that can't display data at the most convenient glance may be costing you valuable time. Stick with a device and backend fleet software that lets you view and manage data sent by anywhere from two to thousands of vehicles with one look. 

However many vehicles your GPS systems monitor - whether battery-operated trackers implanted in cargo containers or hardwired setups tapped directly into vehicles themselves - a number of available models extend the valuable peace of mind of satellite or cellular monitoring to include instant "geofencing" alerts whenever a vehicle ventures outside a custom-drawn circle or polygon on a map, including optional buffer zones. Several hardwired systems add the benefit of remote engine shutdown if tracking indicates that a vehicle has been stolen or is being driven unsafely. These tracking units often also supply engine and driver performance insights, including speed monitoring, to help bolster driver and vehicle efficiencies.

Perhaps the most important, and overlooked aspect of a Fleet tracking management system is that of history and ability to run advanced custom reporting. From basic location of all your devices, to fuel and useage reports, as well as driving habits. How often has your driver broken the speed limit? 


Imagine Having The Power To Watch All Your Vehicles, Assets and People Instantly On A Simple Map

Stick with devices that come all but ready to use straight from the box with no additional software required. Virtually any GPS fleet tracking unit will deliver automatic cloud updates and up-to-the-moment speed, location and after-hours reporting to PCs, tablets and phones built around every major OS. For versatility's sake, ideal systems will also provide individual report development within customized parameters and allow you to mix and match several devices on a single platform without interrupting data delivery.