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Record Stunning 720p Hidden Video It looks exactly like an ordinary item, but it also contains a spy camera secretly built inside.This device supports for up to 32GB. Micro SD Cards and sports full color high quality video and full motion detection...

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Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras Are The Ultimate Inconspicuous Spy Cameras

There could be few more practical ways to hide away a surveillance device than this pinhole-sized smoke detector camera. After all, a working smoke detector is an absolutely essential element in keeping any family safe that often just happens to hang from a high wall or ceiling mount that offers a uniquely large field of view over a room. It makes perfect sense to have an inconspicuous hidden camera inside to oversee the security of your home. Keep in mind that due to all the spy hardware inside these smoke detector casings, often they will not work as an actual smoke detector. Pay close attention to the specifications when choosing features.

Essential Smoke Detector Camera Features You Need

As a consequence of nearly any smoke detector's natural positioning, homeowners can choose either a side- or bottom-view smoke detector hidden camera. Bottom-view devices work best in ceiling-mounted cameras to capture a down-view birds-eye view of everything below, whereas side-view cameras provide the most open, largest field of view facing outward from a wall mount that best face towards a doorway, hallway or large room. 

Most models of either design will either livestream or record in a minimum 720p HD clarity with battery-conserving idle features that capture stills and video only upon detecting motion or being triggered by sound, vibration, or breach of a point of entry wired to a camera-paired sensor. These features are uniformly designed to ensure the camera won't multiply the drain on the batteries. Most will come with removable SD cards that can be instantly swapped with blank SD cards so you can review the footage at your convenience, never missing a beat.  

The other crucial feature is Night Vision recording. Often the bad things happen when lights are off, or very dim, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing crucial features. Often the price to upgrade to Night Vision Smoke Detector Cameras is minimal, which guarantees you'll capture the important footage day or not. Otherwize when something does happen, you'll be looking at a black screen.

Choose wisely according to the room your smoke detector camera will monitor. A bottom-view model leaves few "blind spots" behind objects where anything can be hidden, and you may not see things head-on - missing the face of the person doing the deed. However, it's a smaller overall field of view compared with a side-view camera. On the other hand, a high-mounted side-view camera aimed outwards captures the entirety of a much longer, wider space at the expense of blind spots directly behind and immediately to its sides.

For either model, there's one more essential element to keep in mind: versatile viewing options. Your camera should always be recording to either a substantial built-in memory or a constantly updated cloud server and always offer an available real-time stream on demand from the PC or device of your choosing. Setting your camera to motion activiated recording will ensure you are just getting the action, and not sitting through hours of an empty room.