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Unfortunately, legitimacy has not arrived without a price. The stakes of growing and distributing cannabis are every bit as high as they have been, due to its guaranteed substantial street demand and resale value. The considerable sums of cash many retailers keep on their premises demand a multifaceted, professionally implemented security strategy to keep criminal elements at bay.

Fortunately, our years of surveillance expertise and consultation with countless small businesses nationwide have led us to develop several scaled approaches to defending against shoplifting, smash-and-grab thefts and inventory diversion.

Protect Your Marijuana Assets With GPS Tracking & Hidden Cameras

Heists targeting legitimate cannabis grow facilities, dispensaries and retailers are not always sophisticated affairs. In many instances, they amount to surprise attacks geared toward pocketing as much product as possible either discreetly or with overwhelming force and fleeing before anyone can stop the theft. Equipping your product packaging with GPS tracking devices could quickly save thousands of dollars in the event of a robbery by quietly giving you and law enforcement a leg-up on tracking down and apprehending your assailants while the merchandise can still be recovered. 

hidden camera

Compared with preemptively rooting out blind spots in a surveillance strategy before they can be exploited, cutting off smash-and-grab robberies could be considered relatively straightforward. If you really want to size up the true colors of the people most familiar with you, don’t let them know they are being watched. Employees and even frequent customers enjoy an abundance of opportunities to mentally map a camera array’s obvious blind spots and deftly make off with cash or merchandise without raising a hint of suspicion. Hidden cameras can deliver streams of high-quality footage to a central hub while ingeniously disguised as smoke detectors, electrical boxes, outlets and more or custom-installed in more obscure, unreachable locations.

Remember, what you can’t see can certainly still hurt you.


Monitor Grow & Processing Rooms, Retail Stores & More


Of course, this isn’t to say that standard plug-and-play camera setups are entirely useless. Quite the contrary: we emphatically recommend employing the tightest security net possible right from the start. From grow and processing rooms to sales floors and deposit safes, no cannabis-oriented enterprise of any size can afford to take gaps in surveillance lightly. Hidden cameras should serve as a supplement to a carefully positioned formation of visible recording devices transmitting perpetual feeds to a single central hub.

Settling for only one type of camera in play throughout any facility risks consequences beyond dramatically limiting the volume of countermeasures any aspiring thief has to evade. Lack of visible monitoring equipment sends a message that nobody is really taking loss prevention seriously and neglects a visible deterrent capable of convincing a robber having second thoughts that the likely takeaway might not be worth the probability of getting caught.


Marijuana GPS Tracking Solutions For Secure Transportation


Like many retail segments, the marijuana industry’s sizable cash and other physical assets are often far more exposed and vulnerable to theft when in transit than while securely monitored in a cultivation, dispensary or retail setting. Criminal elements can utilize any number of angles and locations to approach a vehicle or courier known to possess untraceable property sure to move quickly once it’s in the wind. As they do while deterring theft of in-store product, embedded GPS tracking solutions offer a jump on successful thieves while discouraging “insider” asset diversion.

Thanks to real-time data transmissions accessible anywhere at any time via virtually any computer, tablet or iOs/Android device, you can pull up an instant report detailing the exact location and travel route of your goods, but these devices also serve as potential trails designed to lead authorities straight to anyone who would make off with your belongings somewhere between supply-chain stages.

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Keep An Eye On Employees, Customer & Vendors


We’ve suggested it above, but it certainly bears repeating: external elements don’t always represent the legitimate cannabis industry’s most troubling threats to ongoing viability. The promise of lucrative illicit gains often incentivizes internal theft to a degree greater than above-board wages can offset among employees and vendors. It isn’t any more unusual for customers to attempt to make off with product either for their own enjoyment or reaping pure resale profit. Marijuana is a high-demand good, and legalization has not yet eradicated motivation to profit from its street value at as little expense as possible. 

Closely guarded secrecy and meticulously installed security systems may serve as daunting first lines of defense against external threats, but how do you counter-strategize against individuals who frequently spend lengthy periods of time doing business where you operate? Visible cameras and sensors may deter attempted theft, but passive security measures are inherently reactive. This is why we suggest a backup, undetectable solution to your visible security cameras by installing covert hidden cameras that safely and quietly monitor the areas that they think are the blind spots within your operations.

The loss of tens of thousands of dollars worth of viable product is more than enough to wipe out an entire business before accounting for the possibility of debilitatingly expensive property damage to equipment such as lighting and irrigation systems. While an unassuming location, limited employee presence and low customer traffic all make for less activity to supervise, these realities of many cannabis growth operations, dispensaries and retailers also depict them as highly susceptible targets for robbery or smuggling from within. 

To borrow a phrase from America’s own infamous war on drugs, “Trust, but verify.” The cannabis industry has made profound strides toward sweeping legitimacy, but there will likely always be those who prefer doing potentially dangerous street-level business to widespread acceptable availability on par with tobacco and alcohol. Protect your investment in a progressive future. 

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