Real Time GPS Tracking

Spy Hawk® Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

Sale Price: $348.00

Watch Vehicle, Person or Asset Move Across Your Screen LIVE as it happens!  A discreet, water-resistant, live GPS tracker designed for personal, worker, pet, vehicle, and asset tracking. Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for...

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iTrail Solo GPS Tracking Device

Retail Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $199.00

No extra waterproof magnet case or extended battery packs is needed the magnets and long life battery are built into the iTrail SOLO.  For Tracking use our robust tracking platforms either the convenient iTrail app or web tracking platform,...

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Real-Time GPS Tracking Gives You Live Updates For When After-The-Fact May Be Too Late

Equipping a vehicle, asset or even a person with a real time GPS tracker affords you the luxury of having a set of eyes that's always on a target's every move. When it comes to being absolutely certain that everything and everyone is either in or moving toward the right place at the right time, it can span the difference between awareness of something going awry or amiss after the fact and catching something out-of-place in the moment when you can still act upon the intel.

Even before one of these real time GPS tracking devices reports something that seems a bit "off", there's an unmistakable value that comes with knowing you can verify a subject's whereabouts instantly, often within a few mere feet. Real-time GPS trackers use cellular carriers to triangulate and pinpoint exact locations in addition to the satelites in the sky. Because of the cellular data connection, this is why there is a monthly charge for the real-time tracking devices. They need to transmit data, using existing cellular networks. Depending on how much data is transmitted, determines how much your month fee could be. Just like a cell phone data plan, the more data you use, the more expensive it could be. So if you are tracking every second, you would use more data than tracking ever 10 seconds or every 5 minutes. Most people do not need more than tracking every minute, so costs come down. When comparing GPS tracking plans, its important to take this into consideration so you are comparing apples to apples.


Essential Real-Time GPS Tracking Features To Consider

A real time GPS tracking device with no reliable power is a pricey paperweight. Fortunately, you can choose a real time GPS tracker equipped with energy supplies including battery packs, hardwires and dashboard mounted setups - virtually all ready to use straight from the box with a variety of powerful government and network-certified back-end web based GPS platforms. No extra software needed, whether you're employing real time GPS tracking for personal or business needs. In addition, many will have the ability to buffer GPS location in dead-zones where there are no live cellular data areas to transmit live data. The real power comes with the backbone of your GPS tracking interface that hasall the features you could ever want or need. This is often the thing most people will be concerned about, especially real-time fleet tracking.

Each device is powered by intuitive web management interfaces that keep high-resolution image mapping easy to read and integrate with live real-time position updating with customizable reporting options, instant alert notifications when an equipped target goes on the move in certain geo-fenced areas, speeding alerts, and historical playback for an ongoing accurate record. It's the advanced reporting options that are crucial to your needs.  


Complete Monitoring & Historical Proof For Verifying Your Needs

Real time GPS tracking devices are no longer limited to the stuff of government agencies and commercial cargo monitoring. More accessible to civilians than ever before, businesses can now employ them to keep up-to-the-moment tabs on powered and non-powered equipment while mining data to scrutinize productivity. They aid parents in keeping teenage drivers honest. This is cost-effective peace of mind with robust feedback that just doesn't lie.