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Digital Voice Recorders

Bluetooth Headphones Secret Audio Recorder

$299.00 $195.00

Functional Bluetooth Headphones Capture Audio Need a new pair of headphones? Need a covert listening device? Don't settle for the same old regular headphones or an awkward-looking audio recording device. With these NEW Bluetooth Audio Recorder...

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Lighter w/ Voice Activated Audio Recorder

$299.00 $199.98

Fake Lighter Conceals A Super High Quality Hidden Microphone With one-click, you'll be able to instantly activate the super high quality recording mode inside this fake, unassuming lighter. There are no cables or lights that could give away that this is...

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USB Stick Voice Recorder

$199.00 $149.00

Using the built in Voice Operated System (VOS) the USB Stick Voice Recorder will only record when activated by sound - extending the 18 hours of recording time to days, or even weeks, depending on the amount of voice activity. The 8GB internal memory...

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USB Flash Drive Hidden Voice Recorder


Secretly Record Over 160 Hours Of Audio w/ 4 Hours Of Battery Life Capable of over storing over 160 hours of voice recording, easy to transfer file management, and a dual covert design combine together to provide voice security in a flash. This tiny...

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Voice Activated 25 Day Standby USB Voice Recorder

$289.00 $148.00

Looks & Functions Like An Ordinary Flash Drive Yet this storage device conceals hidden microphone. Hang on a lanyard or slip into a pocket for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record voice as a secret shopper, investigator,...

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Voice Activated USB Drive Hidden Voice Recorder

$149.00 $119.00

Looks and functions like an ordinary flash drive Yet this storage device conceals hidden microphone. Hang on a lanyard or slip into a pocket for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record voice as a secret shopper or personal...

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Belt Clip Mini Voice Recorder

$250.00 $168.00

Covertly Record 288 Hours Of Audio Recordings With a size of only 2" x 1/2" inch, it will fit discreetly inside the pocket of a shirt or in another covert location. The Belt Clip Audio Recorder is a compact device capable of taking up to 288 hours...

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Digital Voice Recorders For Discreet, Passive Intel Gathering

A spy voice recorder stands in as a practical surveillance solution when covertly documenting conversations from especially close distances. Having a reviewable and undeniable proof of record that stands up in a court of law doesn't necessarily require a powerful transmitter that can pick up and broadcast every word in crisp HD from behind a solid wall. Provided one need only capture the exchange for future transcription or admission into legal evidence, any of these conveniently sized digital voice recorders will capture perfectly clear audio from distances up to 20 feet. 


Essential Spy Voice Recorder Features To Consider

Please note, it is explicitly illegal in most jurisdictions to place these digital voice recorders or any audio surveillance device and record conversations for which you are not present. Perform due diligence as to state, local and federal laws regulating audio surveillance before recording any conversation.

Once you've studied up on these local statutes, you're ready to choose a device. Battery life may vary according to the format and and overall audio quality being encoded, but there are ways to prolong recording time even when obtaining high-quality mp3 audio. For starters, look for a device with voice-activated recording. Once turned "On", even after hitting the "Record" button, your spy voice recorder won't waste its battery life picking up dead air, saving its energy and storage space while making transcription easier by reducing silence to fast-forward through.


Smarter Recording For Smarter Voice Surveillance

Discretion is sometimes the better part of monitoring. Recording devices based on active transmitters are easily sniffed out by RF detectors, blowing a covert setup wide open. The vast majority of these smaller digital devices fit conveniently and discreetly on a user's person for harder-to-catch recording assistance when up close and personal. With high-quality condenser mics, compact hardware and versatile storage and formatting options, a handheld digital recorder is a must.

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