Hidden Cameras with DVR

Clock Radio Hidden 4k Camera w/ Night Vision & DVR

Retail Price: $499.95

Sale Price: $348.00

Stunning 4K HD Video + 120 FPS For Spectacular Image Quality This is the ultimate video quality you can get for camera that will capture the most pristine detail for a brilliant visual experience. All the video being recorded is in crisp &...

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Blu-Ray DVD Player 1080P Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $569.00

Sale Price: $349.00

Functional Blu-Ray Player Also Records Stunning 1080p HD Video Hiding within this ordinary Blu-ray DVD player is powerful hidden camera with a wide viewing angle of 75°. You’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge...

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Lawmate Car Remote Keychain Hidden Camera

Retail Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $249.00

Stunning 1080p HD Hidden Video Recording & Snap Shots  LawMate has equipped the latest Keychain Hidden Camera with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made specifically for recording. This is a 4 in 1 device, record...

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Lawmate Car Charger Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision

Retail Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $328.00

Every worry about your car security or car vandalism? Do you own or work for a car service company and need an in car hidden camera to record activity inside the car. This hidden car surveillance camera is very discreet its looks and functions just like...

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Lawmate Smart Watch Hidden WiFi Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $349.00

Looking for a discreet surveillance solution that is both functional and fashionable? Look no further than this innovative smartwatch with a hidden camera and DVR. With its sleek design and advanced features, this device is the perfect choice for anyone...

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Hidden Cameras With DVR Inside Record All Activity In Secret To SD Cards

Hard as it is to imagine thanks to today's DVR Hidden Camera, the spacial demands of physical media severely limited covert recorded surveillance's practicality and cost-effectiveness. Tapes were expensive to purchase even in bulk quantities, sure, but who had the time to regularly review hours upon hours of continuous recording, let alone the space to store the tapes afterward?

Thanks to the wonders of cloud storage and discreetly hidden DVR Cams, ongoing security when you can't keep one eye on your home never again has to be logistically inconvenient. 

Features To Consider In Your Hidden Camera DVR Cams

Many homeowners in the market for Covert Hidden Cameras With DVR inside aim to keep tabs on their families' security as quietly and unassumingly as possible. After all, there's no substitute for seeing others as they behave when they think no one is watching. With that in mind, there's also nothing quite like DVR Cams that also function as their intended disguises, such as alarm clocks, charging docks, or even smoke alarms with hidden cameras inside. For more up-close-and-personal purposes, there are a number of cameras that disguise perfectly effectively as coat hooks, books, ballpoint pens and even pencil sharpeners.

Video storage is typically extensive, but it is ultimately finite. Storage and battery conservation is of the essence. A DVR Hidden Camera with scheduled recording options will prevent your device from needlessly running when you're home to actually keep you eyes on things and motion activation ensures that your camera won't quietly record mountains of footage of empty rooms. 

Of course, it's always better to have customizable resolution options and not need them than to realize you need better captures and have limited tweaks available. Look for models that let you switch in and out of night vision (another essential feature for locations with poor lighting or night) and alter resolution accordingly to both meet your needs and make the best use of storage space.

Lastly, some considerations are wireless and wifi which are each often confused with each other, but have different meanings. Wireless means that there are no wires and use battery, but sometimes could mean that you can stream the footage using your wifi network. A wireless internet DVR hidden cam WILL usually  require a power cord to be plugged in because of the amount of juice it takes to power all the components inside. Be sure to check the specifications of your model to ensure you have the right one. If you are looking to watch the video remotely over the internet on your phone or computer, then you want to ensure your DVR Cam has built in WiFi or ethernet port. Usually these DO have wires for power.

DVR Cams Are The Best Peace Of Mind You Can Have

It's one thing not to trust people in your home when your eyes are turned away. It's another entirely to trust and verify. A worthy spy camera can capture combined weeks, even months worth of footage while monopolizing no more physical space than required for the actual physical unit. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security of your loved ones or valuables. Don't skimp to save a few bucks on the features that could make or break having concrete proof of an issue. What if something happens in the dark and you didn't get night vision? Imagine not having the battery version and power runs out, or worse an incident happens with a nanny and you don't have the WIFI version to get an alert the moment something happens. Choose wisely and you'll never regret it.