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Why Should You Choose A GPS Data Logger Instead Of An Active GPS Tracker?

Mainly costs. A GPS logger does not use any cellular data to transmit so you won't need a cellular data plan from a wireless carrier. The downside is that you won't have any idea of the location activity of that logger until its been returned. Therefore, once a GPS logger is fully charged, simply leave it in an area when it can see some sky to start logging all the location data. When your focus is continuous active location and movement histories for later review and establishment as an undeniable legal proof of record in a court of law, a GPS logger takes a more practical approach. These devices function not as active transmitters that tap a user into an asset's movements for real-time monitoring, but a recorder that backs up data inconspicuously and instantly. 

Essential GPS Data Logger Features To Consider

A GPS logger is brilliant in its simplicity. With no cellular module to transmit data, loggers cannot be detected using a bug detectors as active GPS trackers can. On the contrary, these are strict recorders. In place of tracking or monitoring, a GPS data logger contains a USB port, internal flash memory or additional slot for a memory card to either log data directly to a device for it to be downloaded and viewed later. 

The GPS logger data typically includes location, speed and active driving time reports. Later, users can integrate the data with a platform such as Google Earth to construct an animated history of an asset's movements. 

When Passive GPS Recording Is Best Used

There are times when active GPS tracking simply isn't necessary. A GPS recorder can help runners, backpackers and other similar sports enthusiasts record and evaluate the duration and length of their routes. In other instances, there are very valid security and safety verification needs that GPS data logging devices suit more efficiently than nearly any active transmitter. Private investigators frequently value loggers for discreet vehicle surveillance that doesn't demand ongoing attention to active transmissions or a cellular data fee. Meanwhile, many parents employ logging devices to quietly keep tabs on occasionally impetuous teenage drivers.