Magnetic GPS Tracking

Spy Hawk® Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

Sale Price: $348.00

Watch Vehicle, Person or Asset Move Across Your Screen LIVE as it happens!  A discreet, water-resistant, live GPS tracker designed for personal, worker, pet, vehicle, and asset tracking. Its simple, lightweight design makes it an ideal device for...

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iTrail Solo GPS Tracking Device

Retail Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $199.00

No extra waterproof magnet case or extended battery packs is needed the magnets and long life battery are built into the iTrail SOLO.  For Tracking use our robust tracking platforms either the convenient iTrail app or web tracking platform,...

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Magnetic Portable GPS Trackers For Vehicle Tracking:


Magnetic GPS Tracking devices are used everyday by Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Employers, and even suspicious spouses. Whether you suspect your spouse is cheating, wandering to places you wish they weren't, or suspect your employees of misusing company assets, purchasing a magnetic GPS tracking device has never been easier or more affordable.

You can use your magnetic GPS tracker for cars, trucks, personal belongings or high valued assets.

Best used when hidden beneath vehicles to benefit from real time GPS tracking device technology to keep track of all your cars and know where they are at all times in question. We offer the best selection of Magnetic GPS Trackers right here at Guaranteed performance or your Money Back Guaranteed!

Featured below are the # 1 Selling Magnetic Portable GPS vehicle trackers that are both self-contained battery powered tracking devices. 2 models to select from which either are powered by an internal or external extended battery pack.

Magnetic Portable GPS trackers offer numerous advantages, ie; ease of use, quick mounting "Slap & Track" GPS underneath vehicles under surveillance.

Both of these GPS devices are ideal for discrete needs, covert tracking at it's finest. Guaranteed performance or your money back.

Longest Battery Life in Industry - Used by Federal Agencies

Either of these are Perfect For Covert Usage: Both of these Portable GPS trackers are extremely small and easily hidden from sight allowing for covert use every time. Portability is what makes these so special: Magnetic GPS Tracking devices can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, placed in freight packages, and used to track and monitor any asset value to you.

When tracking a vehicle with a portable gps tracker, you have two basic options:
Magnetic GPS tracking devices are perfect for all those who do not have access to the passenger area of the vehicle. These simply mount to the undercarriage of vehicle.