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Hidden Camera Detectors

SpyFinder ® PRO Hidden Camera Detector

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Are Hidden Cameras Watching You Right Now? You won’t believe how small hidden cameras are these days. Often no bigger than a pinhole, these tiny spy cameras are concealed inside everyday objects such as clocks, glasses, lamps, picture frames, USB...

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iProtect Multi-Channel Wireless Detector


Description Why do we need such high end hand held detection devices? Searching for the illegal use of mobile / Cell signals is becoming an increasingly important task during counter surveillance sweeping. Numerous eavesdroppers transmit...

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Expert TSCM Frequency Bug Hunter Detector


PROFESSIONAL FREQUENCY DETECTOR The Expert frequency detector can be used by individuals or security professionals as an effective tool for simultaneously detection and analysis; identifying devices that emit waves between 10 and 3500 MHz such as GSM 2G...

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Rapid Deployment Eavesdropping Kit


The Ultimate kit for eavesdropping, J1000 helps prevent someone from recording conversations, the DD804 is a muti-use RF detection device and the Spyfinder pro will help find camera lenses even when not transmitting.  J1000 White noise...

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Hidden Camera Detectors Find Hidden Cameras Anywhere They Lurk

The old idiom theorizes, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." For every inconspicuous hidden camera perfectly capable of letting unwanted eyes peer into your private affairs, there'a spy camera detector designed by counter-surveillance minds with gifts for thinking like the infiltrators they build their livelihoods on catching in the act.

To put it another way, they've invented better mousetraps by understanding better mice.

The latest leading hidden cameras have been engineered for impeccable, undetectable subtlety. In most cases, manufacturers embed pinhole lenses with deceptively sharp resolution inside unassuming practical disguises such as DVD players, lamps and clocks that function without a single suspicious hint of concealed hidden camera inside. Think of them as the "method actors" of surveillance. That's why there will never be such a thing as employing "too many" hidden camera detectors made to shut down unwanted vantage points.

Essential Features For Using A Hidden Cam Finder

A number of devices that find hidden cameras will also hunt down other prying tech such as wiretaps, listening devices, and 3G/4G cell phones. With all due respect to even the world's sharpest singularly detected camera detector, it goes without saying that a camera detector also capable of recognizing a number of unwanted guests is always worth weight in gold.

Wireless hidden cameras all use a transmission that is freely viewable by air on standard frequencies. These are the same frequencies which baby monitors transmit on open air. That unavoidable signal can be picked up by a wireless hidden cam finder to reveal every item planted in a single room. Other more advanced features are signal finders that give you an idea of how strong the signal is for a better direction in honing in on the spy camera, and even monitors with built in recorders that will allow you to instantly pick up the wireless signal and view exactly what the hidden camera is seeing. However, not all hidden cameras are wireless.

The most common feature of a hidden camera finder is the IR lens which reveals the special refractive nature of a camera lens. By looking through this red lens, and scanning the room, you can easily hone in on the hidden cameras that could be lurking in your walls, or housewares. A very obvious blinking light will bounce off these hidden cameras while you scan the room so you'll easily be able to find them.

Don't Be Fooled Again. Use A Good Spy Camera Detector

It could be a nosy neighbor or skilled private investigator. It may be an unscrupulous employer or professional competitor. It could even be your very own government or a suspicious spouse. The more money, influence or power you have, the greater the risk to your privacy and the stakes for allowing it to be invaded. Don't spend thousands of dollars per visit to have a professional sweep your space when you could just as easily circumvent surveillance yourself.

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