Spy-MAX Ultimate M1- PRO Multifunction TSCM Near-field Detection Kit - 0 KHz up to 20 GHz

Analogue Bug Detector and Digital from 0 KHz - 20 Ghz TSCM Multifunction Kit
Spy-MAX Ultimate M1- PRO Multifunction TSCM Near-field Detection Kit - 0 KHz up to 20 GHz
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Spy-MAX Ultimate M1- PRO Multifunction TSCM Near-field Detection Kit - 0 KHz up to 20 GHz

Spy-MAX Ultimate M1- PRO Multifunction TSCM Near-field Detection Kit - 0 KHz up to 20 GHz

$5,995.00 $4,875.00
(You save $1,120.00)

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Spy-MAX Ultimate M1-PRO detector is a light weight, high-tech multi functional portable slim device designed for TSCM professionals, Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies, Casino Security, and Corporate C-Suite Security for secure performance against any electronic threat.

Manufactured for Security Professionals as a Multi Electronic Frequency Finder (MEFF M1-PRO) 

M1-PRO compares to REI's Andre Deluxe at a much better price point with far better specifications

Our partners have been manufacturing counter surveillance devices for over a decade exclusively to European government agencies, law enforcemeent and military.
Now for the first time our company is introducing their products for purchase here in the USA commercially both to professionals and businesses. 

Designed and built for Agencies, Military and now available to Businesses, Celebrity and Executive protection details, C-Suite Executives, High net worth individuals.
Yes our M1-PRO is for anyone serious about their privacy and demands quality performance! Ideal for first time equipment investment to learn all the functioned required for thorough electronic counter surveillance sweep.

M1-PRO has special functions, including the possibility of measuring the distance of the detected signal down to cm. It also has antennas with special functions,
such as laser listening device and infrared microphone detection, thermal antenna for heat detection, Audio Vox bug alarm clock antenna, GPS alarm clock antenna, probe to detect micro cameras even if they are switched off and IR, management APP and other functions. In addition to detecting all frequencies up to 20 Ghz
analog and digital.

Analog and digital multifunction detector M1-PRO is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards possible by and for TSCM Professioinals. Detecting hidden high-tech surveillance devices used by foreign agencies, terrorists or criminals is now more difficult. However, with the next generation M1-PRO Multiple Detection System, the operator will find hidden devices, be they wireless or wired, using its range of smart probes that are tuned to detect these hidden threats from 0KHz up to 20KHz. GHz. The system takes the operator to the hidden threat with its distance measurement tool that locates the location of hidden transmitters or transmission link such as a GSM LTE 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI mobile phone Bluetooth and audio or video devices. Real-time analysis data is logged and stored directly in the system for immediate identification of current or historical threats


Corporate security surveys for illegal, unauthorized, or threatening transmitters. Measuring or detecting acoustic leakage or ultrasonic mechanical vibrations. Detection of all WiFi, bluetooth, cell phones, illicit transmitters, etc. Interference detection and troubleshooting. Contraband detection in correctional facilities, RF research and development, Wireless industry developers, Hobbyists and RF enthusiasts, Educational institutions. Perfect equipment for all Private Investigators, Corporate & Retail Security and especially TSCM professionals who seek to broaden their equipment purchases.

M1-PRO functions

• Detection from 0 Khz to 20 Ghz of Analog and Digital signals • Scan speed 30 microseconds • Detection of GPS magnetized off and not powered • Jammer Detection (Signal Disturbers) • Omnidirectional antennas detect signals in every direction. • The directional antenna locates equipment at a specific point. • The integrated thermographic antenna identifies sources of heat generated by lighted warning devices • The T1 antenna forces the locators in standby and programmed to transmit the signal to be detected • The T2 antenna detects laser microphones and infrared microphones • The T3 antenna forces the audio bugs to stand bye and programmed to transmit the signal to be detected • The T4 probe detects micro cameras on, off, not powered and invisible black infrared cameras (used by spy cameras). • Your APP will give you the possibility to: - Measure the distance of the detected signals in cm - Measure the detected signal in dB using a graph - Represent the detected signal in cm through the dB on the graph - H24 monitoring of signals with event log - Show on the graph the disturbance detected by a running jammer

Technical features:

Detection mode to be selected on the detector: Full Band Analog and Digital Detector, GPS, Wifi and Magnet. • Thermographic detection to identify hidden spy devices • Detection of turned off micro cameras and occult black infrared cameras • Jammer Detection (Disturbers) • Lojack GPS Trackers Detection • Forced activation mode of GPS and Audio Bugs in Stand bye and programmed in delayed mode • Detection of laser and infrared microphones • Measure the detected signal in dB using the graph + Logger • Measure the distance of the detected signals + graph + Logger in cm • H24 monitoring • Sensitivity adjustment to reduce or increase the detection range. • Compact portable and lightweight device. • Spectrum detection from 0 Khz - 20 GHz, covering all communication frequency bands currently used internationally and nationally. • Scan speed of 30 microseconds, to ensure that all signals are acquired in real time. • The signal strength is divided into 16 segments, which can effectively confirm the signal strength and distance of the transmission signal source. • The detection sensitivity is divided into two sections (high and low) ranging from 0 cm to 30 meters (depending on the situation). • Wide field detection with absolute precision. • Dynamic range 68 dBm. • Modes: beep and mute.

  • T1 antenna forces the GPS Tracker locators to wake up from stand bye and programmed to transmit the signal to be detected
  • The T3 antenna forces the audio bugs to wake up from stand bye and programmed to transmit the signal to be detected
  • T4 probe detects micro cameras on, off, not powered and invisible black infrared cameras (used by spy cameras)
  • Omnidirectional antennas detect signals in every direction
  • Directional antenna locates equipment in a specific point
  • Integrated thermographic antenna identifies heat sources generated by lighted warning devices
  • M1-PRO management APP
  • Measure the distance of the detected signals in cm
  • Measure the detected signal in dB using a graph
  • Represent the detected signal in cm through the dB on the graph
  • H24 monitoring of signals with event log
  • Show on the graph the disturbance detected by a running jammer

How to use:

• Full Band Detector: detects all analog and digital frequencies from 0 to 20 Ghz. It also detects GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz wifi, Bluetooth mobile bands. • GSM 900/1800 MHz: specific function for the detection of classic GPS. Very comfortable in the use of cars. • Wifi: searches for wifi devices in transmission. • Magnet: useful for locating magnetized GPS even when switched off

M1-PRO detects:

• hidden broadcast spy equipment in your home, car, office or any environment • GPS-Lojack locators installed in cars and vehicles • sending and receiving SMS from mobile phones, Internet access signals from mobile phones • suspicious radio signals in the environment • hidden wireless cameras • mini earphones in transmission • Jammer (signal jammers) • Spying devices also turned off and not powered • Spying devices turned on not transmitting, laser listening devices, GPS Tracking equipment, every type of transmitting listening devices

Data sheet

: • Frequency range: 0KHz - 20GHz • Height adjustable sensitivity • Test scope 0cm ~ 30m (according to the situation) • Working time: 8 hours (based on how it is used) • Power: 1200mW (maximum), 400mW (average) • Input voltage: 500mA 5V • 2500mAh high-density lithium battery capacity• Charging interface: TYPE-C • Charging time: 3/4 hours • 2.6 inch LCD screen • Materials: Plastic Machined with Finishes and Special Painting • Professional and resistant • Designed and Made in Italy

• Dimension: 6.23" L x 5.51" H x 0.87"  W    •   Dimension: 16cm (length) * 14cm (height) * 2.2cm (thickness)

Package Contents:

- Military Shockproof Suitcase Case - 1 M1-PRO detector - 1 Probe (T4) - 1 Thermographic Probe - 2 Omini directional antennas - 1 Directional Antenna - 3 Antennas (T1 - T2 - T3) - 1 Charging Cable - 1 cable for APP - English manual

M1-PRO Kit Dimensions - 16.14" x 12.6" x 6.89"
Weight (full) - Approx. 2 lbs

  • The Spy-MAX Ultimate M1-PRO Near-field Multifunction TSCM Detection Kit is a must-have for any TSCM professional who needs to protect sensitive information and confidential communications from potential eavesdropping threats.
  • This powerful device offers a wide range of features ideal for electronic bug sweeps, technical counter surveillance inspections, and while performing TSCM consulting tasks.
  • It is compact, portable, and easy to use, making it ideal for use by Security Teams in corporations, government agencies, and the military.

This product is a powerful tool that can be used by TSCM professionals to detect and identify hidden electronic devices, such as bugs, cameras, and GPS trackers. It can also be used to scan for and identify potential eavesdropping threats, such as radio frequency emissions and magnetic fields.

The Spy-MAX Ultimate M1-PRO Near-field Multifunction TSCM Detection Kit is a valuable tool for any organization that needs to protect sensitive information and confidential communications. It is a must-have for any TSCM professional who wants to stay ahead of potential threats.

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16 Reviews

  • Reliable product for counter-surveillance security services

    Posted by Ljiljana on 7th Jul 2024

    I was looking for a valid product to perform control services and now I am sure I have chosen the perfect product for my needs.

  • Excellent purchase

    Posted by Noah on 10th Jun 2024

    I am really happy with this purchase

  • Very satisfied with this device

    Posted by Goran on 8th Jun 2024

    I personally saw the device for the first time at the World Police Summit trade show and was very impressed with the demonstration and features. After purchasing I must say that I am very satisfied with this device.

  • It performs all the functions described flawlessly

    Posted by Kaden on 7th Jun 2024

    The product was recommended to me by a friend who works in the TSCM, I must say that he was right, it is an excellent product.

  • Professional and well designed product

    Posted by Tomas on 12th May 2024

    I found this new MEFF M1-PRO bug detector, I decided to purchase it and I must say that I am very satisfied with both the product and the service received from the retailer.

  • Lots of unique features

    Posted by Michael on 25th Mar 2024

    I was impressed by all the measurements that can be done with a single, truly well-designed instrument.

  • Professional and Functional

    Posted by Alexis on 27th Feb 2024

    As soon as it arrived I was amazed it is truly professional and functional

  • Best quality

    Posted by Davis on 30th Dec 2023

    if you want to run TSCM services this is the right product

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