Hidden Cameras For Home

Clock Radio Hidden 4k Camera w/ Night Vision & DVR

Retail Price: $499.95

Sale Price: $348.00

Stunning 4K HD Video + 120 FPS For Spectacular Image Quality This is the ultimate video quality you can get for camera that will capture the most pristine detail for a brilliant visual experience. All the video being recorded is in crisp &...

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Blu-Ray DVD Player 1080P Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $569.00

Sale Price: $349.00

Functional Blu-Ray Player Also Records Stunning 1080p HD Video Hiding within this ordinary Blu-ray DVD player is powerful hidden camera with a wide viewing angle of 75°. You’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge...

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Soda Bottle Hidden Spy Camera w/ Motion Detection

3D Printed Soda Bottle Records Stunning 1080p Video Hiding within this ordinary looking product is powerful camera with a wide viewing angle of 65°. You’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge without missing a...

Planter Hidden Camera w/ DVR & Battery

Retail Price: $499.00

Sale Price: $399.00

Fake Planter Records Stunning 1080pHidden HD Video Hiding within this ordinary looking product is powerful camera with a wide viewing angle of 62°. You’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge without missing a...

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What Are Hidden Cameras for the Home?

By comparison, defending your home and family when you're all together is fairly simple. It's what we can't see that often does the deepest damage.

Your family's safety should be the last thing you ever trust to chance and the greatest possible incentive to, "trust, but verify". The actions of others when convinced that no one is looking reveals the most stark truths of character. Naturally, people will go to meticulous lengths to hide what they are doing when they know for a fact they're being watched.

Don't give anyone in your home that advantage. Hidden Cameras for Home quietly lay true colors bare for you to see. These hidden cams are designed to fit in perfectly with traditional home surroundings as to blend in perfectly, to remain completly covert to those who may be in your home planning on doing nefarious things.  Validate that your family, babysitters, housekeepers, friends and neighbors can be trusted implicitly without your presence or that your trust has been quietly violated. Either way, there are few steps too far to take when the safety and security of you and your family is on the line.

Important Features We Tested You Should Consider

Most currently available Spy Cameras for Home share key feature points. These features ensure not only that your hidden c ameras blend seamlessly into their surroundings and operate dependably, but that there's no corner of your home day or night that's left vulnerable. They look completely natural no matter what your home decor may look like. From ordinary looking clocks and smoke detectors monitoring out of sight, to plants, AC adaptors and more. Depending on what features you need, they are built into ordinary products which can be found in most homes. But the size of these products can also determine which features are included because of space limitations inside the casings. With that aside, here are a few imporant features that should be considered.

You should never have to question whether spy cameras for the home are turned on or fuss constantly with recharging or replacing power sources. However, running cameras into wall sockets leaves conspicuous cords laying about to call attention to your surveillance. Maybe you just don't have a power outlet nearby and need to quickly drop one of these on a bookshelf somwhere. If you need a battery, its important to consider both lengthy battery life which usually means a larger casing, the more time you need in a battery. However, usually battery life is determined by how often a camera is recording for, so if you have the option of motion detection, you will get longer battery life of your hidden video camera in your home.

Do you need to see in complete darkeness? To overstate the obvious, broad daylight hours are the least of any absent homeowner's worries. Your cameras should reliably pick up footage when light is the lowest and most convenient for covering any unwanted activities. Whenever possible, request a demonstration of any camera's night vision resolution to prove that it can detect any shady deeds clearly when someone thinks the low light has covered their tracks. Hidden cameas will have IR detectors that can turn night into day, and the more IR lights on a camera, the further it can see. However keep in mind that some IR lights are visible, and will glow red, giving its location away. Choose night vision IRs that are invisible to the naked eye.

Sometimes, there's no acceptable substitute for catching someone in the act. Outing home invaders or loved ones who betray your trust and your family after the fact often leaves damage that cant' be undone. Just as importantly, remote viewing grants you peace of mind at any instant when you might be away from your home and family but worried for their safety. Go with cameras that allow you to peek your head in at a moment's notice from a Wi-Fi device. They will alert you to activity happening when you are not there, or tap a button to instantly view your home from the internet using your phone or computer.

This comes back, in a way, to the battery life factor. Your hidden cameras aren't really doing any favors that justify their cost by recording hours on end of empty rooms. In fact, they're doing little more than sucking batteries dry. Motion activation judiciously manages power drain by remaining active only when detecting actual physical movement in a given room. When reviewing footage later, you can at least then be assured the camera actually saw SOMETHING, benign or otherwise. Just be sure and go with a model guaranteed to distinguish between people or pets and, say, a TV show. The great thing about motion activated recording in your home surveillance system your spy recordings will only show the action of what happened, saving you hours of scanning video of an empty room. Therefore motion activated spy cameras is a must-have feature which should be considered if setting these up in your home.


Spy Cameras Give You Peace of Mind & Let You Know Whats Happening

It's rare anymore that families have at least one person at home every hour of the day. More often, other responsibilities drag people away to work, school, activities and friends, leaving children with caregivers, older children and teens to their own (occasionally irresponsible) devices, and homes themselves occasionally unattended and vacant. These are one-time purchases without monthly fees to give you infinite knowlege of what is going on. Don't setting for a cheap hidden security camera for the home that may be missing many of the core features. Often when settling on price, you'll wish you had that night vision, or internet option later on because something happened when the lights were off and you needed to know instantly.   

Never underestimate the value of peace of mind. With quick and easy installation, you can always have a set of clear, watchful eyes on your home to either lay any lingering doubts about your home and family's safety to rest while you're away or bring harmful and dangerous activity to your immediate attention so you can take action while it makes a difference.