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GPS Detectors

GPS Detectors Find Spy GPS That Could Be Hiding Anywhere

Even the world's highest courts have reached a general agreement: short of select narrow interests, every individual enjoys the personal freedom to be left alone. Without an outside party's exceptional argument to the contrary, where you are and where you go should remain as private a discretionary matter as what you say or do.

The same technology trusted by local, state and national law enforcement and security agencies trust to circumvent illicit tracking can restore a layer of privacy to civilian lives. GPS detection devices operate from the principle that the devices quietly tracking your location are based on roughly the same technology which can enable emergency responders to track a cellular phone in the event of a crisis. The capacity to track that signal transmission also enables GPS detection devices to root out unwanted wireless communication devices where they happen to be expressly prohibited.

Essential Features GPS Detectors To Consider

For as ubiquitous as handheld GPS navigation systems and wireless phones have become, there are certainly places where both can create security risks and have never been welcome.

These devices are the very same hardware trusted by elite private security firms and secure government facilities such as courthouses, jails, prisons and military installations to root out surveillance infiltrations. 

We strongly advise against trusting any GPS tracking device detector with an effective maximum frequency detection that tops out around 3 GHz. A wealth of espionate and surveillance engineers have accordingly designed their devices transmit at frequencies well above that threshold precisely to outstrip that opposing limitation. The best of the best detectors triple the previous standard effective frequency detection up to 9 GHz. 

Some GPS detection hardware designed to also sniff out and cell phones come with some interesting added features, such as five specific frequency antennae with adjustable sensitivy for each band and the option to switch each band on or off at will. When some detect any active cell phone usage within about a 20 meter radius, they will actually broadcast an audible alarm with customizable message before disrupting transmission entirely. 

Protect Your Privacy Everywhere You Go

These devices are the ultimate walls between sensitive or secure materials and prohibited GPS systems or cell phones. Best of all, they are designed to find those unwanted devices without interfering with other cordless phones, authorized wireless cameras, or 2-way radios. Businesses, theaters, schools, corporations and government facilities can all enjoy freedom from invasions of privacy by 3G/4G cell phones and position transmitting devices without counteracting benign technology. 

Though we recommend double-checking your area's restrictions, this detection technology is 100% legal virtually anywhere in the world. Especially if you handle or safeguard sensitive materials of any kind, you have every reason to take a stand against intrusive communication devices.