Spy Matrix® PRO-10G GPS Bug Sweep, Portable Wire Tap, 3G/4G/5G Cell Phone Spying & Wireless Camera Finder

Are you being bugged? Not sure? This devices has 4 key functions to get answers in seconds. Wireless detection up to 10Ghz, white noise generator, phone tap protection & homing switch to locate bugs with better precision. Rest easy knowing there's noone prying in your personal affairs without your knowledge. Put an end to spying before its too late.
Spy Hawk PRO-10G #1 GPS Bug Sweep, Portable Wire Tap, 3G/4G Cell Phone and Camera Finder
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Spy Matrix®  PRO-10G GPS Bug Sweep, Portable Wire Tap, 3G/4G/5G Cell Phone Spying & Wireless Camera Finder

Spy Matrix® PRO-10G GPS Bug Sweep, Portable Wire Tap, 3G/4G/5G Cell Phone Spying & Wireless Camera Finder

$495.00 $348.00
(You save $147.00)

Detects & Locates ALL Transmitting Bugging Devices + Wireless Eavesdropping Devices

Spy Matrix PRO-10G Finds ALL Hidden Spy Bugs Including:

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking & Personnel Locator Tracking Devices
  • ALL Transmitting Video Cameras (Spy-Cams) including "Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters
  • Hidden Tracking Bumper Beepers, Concealed Body Wireless Transmitters
  • Telephone Hidden Eavesdropping Devices
  • ALL types of "infinity" devices designed to eavesdrop
  • Dual Mode Wideband RF & GSM/3G/4G/5G Detector up to 10Ghz


4 Vital Functions Not Found Anywhere Else

  • Wireless confirmation and detection up to 10Ghz
  • White noise generator masks your conversations
  • Homing Switch pinpoints the area of unauthorized transmitting sources
  • Telephone Tap protection stops phone eavesdroppers dead in their tracks

How To Use The Pro-10G To Find Hidden GPS Tracking Devices 

Could somebody possibly be "LISTENING" to or WATCHING You?

Get The Spy Matrix® Pro-10G Bug Detector Now To Protect Yourself AND Your Loved One's From ALL Transmitting Wireless Cameras & Audio Bugs

Pro-MAX 10G Detects all of the following kinds of bugging devices:

  • ALL GSM Bugs including Baby-Monitors/GSM Alarm/GSM Bugs
  • ALL Cellular GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/5G Video Cameras & Listening Bugs
  • ALL Transmitting Spy Phones
  • ALL GPS Trackers while Transmitting
  • ALL Bluetooth Active Bugging Devices
  • ALL Spy Phones with Active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • ALL Wireless Transmitting Video Cameras up to 5.8 Ghz

PRO-10G has Detection range up to 35-40 feet depending on Power of Transmitting source

Don't believe for a minute that listening devices are only used by secret government agencies.

If you fear that your rooms may be bugged, under video surveillance or your telephones tapped, then the Spy Matrix® Pro-10G Bug Detector and Telephone Tap Detector is exactly what you need to combat all of the latest techniques now employed by today's eavesdroppers

Countless Private Investigators, Security Forces, Police Departments and Government Agencies use the Spy Matrix® Pro-10G RF Bug Detector & Phone Tap Detector technology because of its extremely high detection frequency range and sensitivity

This equipment is the exact same superior quality we sell to top Government, Private Investigation and US Federal Agencies such as:

CIA fbisealstate

  • U.S. State Department
  • FBI
  • Police Departments all throughout the USA
  • Sheriff's Offices
  • Private Investigators all across the USA
  • U.S. Department of Defense

... and, many, many more have used and trust the Spy Matrix Pro-10G technology!

This is NOT Just Another Frequency Detector!

  • "10 Bar LED" Strength Meter
  • "HOMING SWITCH" to "Pin-Point" Location of Bug
  • Silent or Audible Detection
  • "White Noise Audio Scrambler" to stop Audio Listening

Today's Eavesdroppers use higher Transmitting Frequencies for their Bugs and Wireless Telephone Taps.

Spy Matrix PRO-10 has the highest Frequency Range capability, up to 10Ghz. No other detector in this price range offers that!

Spy Matrix PRO-10G has a higher detection range than all other bug detectors and can detect even the newest surveillance equipment all the way to 10GHz!

Spy Matrix PRO-10G is the ONLY Detection device with a HOMING SWITCH. which increases sensitivity for detecting even the weakest transmissions. This mode will detect transmissions from covert surveillance devices such as miniature room transmitters/bugs, mains powered transmitters/bugs, telephone transmitters, wireless video transmitters, tracking devices, walkie-talkies etc.

The RF Signal Mode is designed to detect and locate transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices including mobile phones, vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices (bugs) and the latest covert wireless 3G/4G cameras.

It can be used in sensitive meeting rooms to check for hidden GSM bugs and 3G/4G wireless cameras, unauthorized mobile phone usage in offices, hospitals or prisons and in vehicles to locate hidden GPS tracking devices.Once a suspect signal is detected its signal strength will be displayed on strength meter and can be used with optional audio beep tone to help you pin point the signal source.

The "HOMING SWITCH" feature helps to locate the latest digital devices that only transmit momentarily and can therefore be easily missed using conventional RF bug detectors. Such devices include GPS Trackers and GSM (Mobile phone) based devices where a ‘Burst’ signal or SMS (Text Messages) are sent momentarily. The PRO-10G will alert you if a device has transmitted within the vicinity even for just a fraction of a second.

To protect your privacy, this is by far the best performance, most economical, effective Bug Sweep and Telephone Tap Detector available in the market today!


Our exclusive proprietary circuitry was created to keep the antenna completely concealed inside the Spy Matrix PRO-10G. Most other Detectors require an external antenna, which makes it virtually impossible to conduct a covert sweep, especially when sweeping in sensitive areas that have hidden spy cameras.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Spy Matrix Pro-10G Bug and Telephone Tap Detector
  • 1 Set of Headphones 1 Set of Telephone Line Adapters
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • Handheld & Portable: Dimensions:  4 ¾” Tall x 2 ¼” Wide x 1” Deep

Your investment is fully backed by our 100% "no questions asked" guarantee.

Beware of the little known "INFINITY" Device!

Spy Matrix Pro-10G also detects and protects against the "INFINITY" device.

Quickly and easily detects the latest Wireless Transmitters, the Spy Matrix Pro-10G also detects one of the most popular bugging devices used by modern day eavesdroppers called the "INFINITY" Device.

Today "eavesdroppers" can now monitor confidential conversations even when your telephone is "Down on the Hook!" Every day in the newspaper you read about the widespread eavesdropping used to monitor everyone's telephone conversations. Nobody feels safe anymore to speak freely on their own telephones. We all know it is happening. . . The government knows it . . .and "eavesdroppers" are ahead of the curve...... Just knowing that little "useful" information will be heard by listening to your telephone conversations. That is why well over 95% of the time - a smart spy will not even try.

Why should he or she? Now there is something MUCH MUCH better! Knowing that you don't speak freely on the telephone anymore, he captures your "private conversations"  when your phone is "ON THE HOOK" because that is when your guard is down. You know in privacy you can speak confidentially to your spouse, your partner,  your attorney. Never do you ever give any thought to eavesdropping attempts against you. That is exactly when you are most vulnerable, and guess what? That is exactly when today's eavesdropper strikes. When you least expect it!

Eavesdroppers can now call your telephone number and by using new electronic methods can prevent your telephone from ringing. By doing this they now turn your telephone microphone into a "listening device".

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  • RF Detection Up To 10 GHz
  • Homing Switch For Precision 
  • Finds Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Phone Tap Detection
  • Stops Phone Taps
  • Finds Hidden GPS Trackers
  • Finds Computer Transmitters
  • Finds Audio Bugs
  • Finds Secret Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Finds 3G/4G/5G/GSM/WIFI/IP
  • LED, Vibration & Beep Alerts
  • White Noise Generator
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Tech Support

9 Reviews

  • Super fast shipping

    Posted by Brad M on 25th Mar 2020

    I had big concerns that I was being tracked for a few days... the signs were all there and needed to know ASAP. I ordered this, received it the very next day (WOW). Turned it on, drove the car and sure enough it went off. After a half hour of searching, It found a small magnetic gps tracker under the back wheel. I know exactly who it is and told my lawyer. Keeping this and using it every time I go out just in case until this is all over.

  • Love this PRO-10G. Really sensitive and works great!!!

    Posted by Justin Aventura - PI on 19th Mar 2020

    Really happy with this purchase. This device rocks! Really sensitive and alerts each and every time there is a text message or GPS Transmission. Found 3 GPS's already on our customers autos. 1 a divorce case, 2 others were stalkers. Great buy!!!

  • Exactly what I was looking for - this baby rocks!!!

    Posted by James Hirsch on 12th Mar 2020

    I suspected my boss placed a GPS on my vehicle. I instantly found out he was while using this Spy Matrix Pro-10G. Brought car to mechanic and there it was, hidden under my truck there was the GPS I had suspected.

  • Best Portable Sweep I have found

    Posted by Martha Eastling on 12th Feb 2020

    Came quick, great instructions and video. Worked perfectly to help me find hidden camera left behind former tenant.

  • Found the Tracker Instantly :0)

    Posted by Contact Authorities on 16th Nov 2019

    Had suspicions car was bugged. Device confirmed suspicions instantly. Found the tracker, and put it on a Truck at Truckstop on it's way to Mexico......very happy with product and company

  • Spy Matrix PRO 10-G is spot on! Great technology works as expected

    Posted by Saul Neighbors - Las Vegas, NV on 2nd Aug 2019

    I have to say we were skeptical until we opened the box. This baby is better than seller described, Incredibly easy to use and "Spot On"!!!! Great buy. Thank you

  • This Device is SPOT ON - Worth Every Penny!!!

    Posted by FearNoMore on 3rd Oct 2018

    Wasn't certain and device made a believer in me. Found a hidden camera in 2 bedrooms, and confirmed there was a GPS Tracker hidden on my car by my ex. He's in serious legal trouble now!!!

  • Spy Matrix PRO-!0 GPS Bug Sweep

    Posted by Les on 23rd May 2018

    After reviewing a number of other Bug Sweep products, this device definitely bubbled to the top. I also spoke with Jeffrey Jurist on a number of occasions and found his industry knowledge/expertise to be invaluable. I've used the device on a number of sweeps and have found that it is easy to use and extremely accurate. The only drawback is the feature of detecting phone taps; it seems a little difficult to use and is time consuming. All in all, very satisfied with the product and it's price is extremely competitive compared to other products on the market.

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