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Phone Security

iStranger Voice Changer for Smartphones

$499.95 $349.00

Do You Need To Disguise Your Voice? The Spy-MAX iStranger is a unique voice changer like no others. This is a specially designed voice changing system which will be compatible with most existing cell phones. Long gone are the days of the use of old...

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CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier

High Gain Audio Amplifier CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier is a high gain audio amplifier used to detect and identify certain types of surveillance devices attached to building wiring such as telephone wiring, LAN and server systems, AC power, and...

Compact Cellphone Bug Detector

$399.00 $298.00

The brand new Smartphone Bug Detector is not only extremely easy to use, it is also portable enough to take with you everywhere. Simply turn it on and place by a cellphone and the Smartphone Bug Detector will let you know exactly when your phone is...

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TALAN™ 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyzer

Efficiency: compares the results of multiple tests on multiple phone lines to quickly identify threatening anomalies Usability: combines several countermeasure testing capabilities into a single piece of equipment (voltage, current, resistance,...