iRecovery iOS iPhone / iPad Data Recovery Stick

Search, Download & Uncover hidden files and deleted data on any IOS device such as texts, images, voicemails, SMS, contacts and more.
iRecovery iOS iPhone / iPad Data Recovery Stick
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iRecovery iOS iPhone / iPad Data Recovery Stick

iRecovery iOS iPhone / iPad Data Recovery Stick

$199.00 $149.00
(You save $50.00)

iRecovery Stick for iPhone is a powerful easy to use tool which allows anyone to investigate an iPhone using the same methods used by Law Enforcement.

Reviewing any Smartphone thoroughly is a difficult process, the small size of screens, multiple locations for files and images, and sheer volume of data make it difficult and extremely time consuming to examine all the data.

iRecovery Stick is like a Digital Microscope for an iPhone. Connect the IRS and the iPhone to any Windows 7, 8, 10 computer and the iRecovery Stick will copy all of the data on the iPhone and format it so you can view all the content easily and perform mission critical discovery analysis only available through the iRecovery Stick.

Now you can acquire data from so many third-party applications, things like Facebook messenger. You can review all the messages sent/received via this app. The same for WhatsApp. Other apps worth a mention include TIKTOK, messaging applications exist on TIKTOK and users can see all sent and received messages through this App. 

Here is a summary of 3rd Party Apps where we can acquire data which can reveal message content sent through the App or other important data such as location data for map apps and History and keyword search content for browsers such as Chrome.


  • TikTok – We acquire message content sent through the App
  • Viber – We acquire message content, contacts, and current user info
  • Waze – This is a map app. We get locations and Recent Location acquisitions.
  • Facebook Messenger – We show all conversations, conversation list, contacts, stories, and current user info
  • Chrome – We still support Chrome. We show History and Keywords.
  • WhatsApp – We acquire all conversations on this App.


As well as acquiring popular App data, some extremely valuable content can now be acquired relating to Passwords. Password caches from Safari can now be fully viewed. So, if the user of the target phone has been saving passwords when using Safari, all of these passwords and the websites they relate to can be acquired.


Similarly, Wi-Fi passwords can be recovered. Any Wi-Fi network the phone has been connected to that the user hasn’t chosen to “forget” will display the network data including username and password.

  • Investigate any iPhone or iPad
  • See all content on any iPhone clearly on a large PC Screen
  • SEARCH – Use the Search Function to find data through Keywords & Symbols
  • Discover hidden content which cannot be seen through an iPhone
  • Reveal all Images, IRS can also reveal all images hidden using dozens of photo hiding apps
  • Recover recently deleted photos
  • Bookmark important data, easily download and export evidence and important information
  • Connect directly to iTunes backup files and perform discovery analysis without phone being present



The Feature list for iRecovery Stick is super advanced, here are some of our best features explained below:


Use the iRecovery Stick iSearch function to search content across the whole iPhone by entering keywords or symbols.

iSearch will search the phones entire text data and find any content where those keywords or symbols have been used.

Quickly find the content that you need using the Keyword and Symbol search engine built into the iRecovery Stick.

The search engine can be seen on the user interface in the top right hand of the screen, a simple search engine just as you get on the internet but this search engine just searches the iPhone you are examining.

Explore all Images and perform Deleted Image recovery

See all images on the iPhone in one location, Images tend to be scattered across a smartphones operating system. Images can be stored in multiple locations; camera roll, messages, and app data folders for popular apps like Whatsapp, Irecovery Stick brings all media files on the phone into one easy to view folder.

File hiding apps are also present on many iPhones with the sole purpose being to hide important content such as images, uncover those hidden images using iRecovery Stick.

Using the iRecovery Stick you can view every image found on the iPhone all from the Multimedia location on the device. Easily examine all images on the iPhone and view all images which have been hidden using dozens of file hiding apps.

Perform a recently Deleted Photo recovery and Recover photos deleted within the last 30 days. – Ideal for ongoing Parental Monitoring.

iOS App Analysis

View user data for the following apps:

  • Health
  • Facebook Messenger
  • TikTok
  • Viber
  • Waze

Voicemail Recovery

Deleted voicemail is stored on the phone until manually deleted from the deleted voicemail folders.

The iRecovery Stick not only recovers the actual voicemail recordings, it displays the sender’s phone number, date of the voicemail, duration, and filename of the recording so you can listen to messages from the multimedia files downloaded from the phone.

Password Recovery, Map History, and Siri Commands

Recover Wi-Fi and Web Form passwords as well as map history and map directions. To recover this type of data, you must create an iTunes backup of the device with a password. Use that password when doing a recovery from the backup file and the iRecovery Stick can decrypt these passwords and map data. Commands to Siri from the user are also recovered as WAVE files. Here what users ask Siri.

No access to iPhone? – Can you access the iTunes account for the iPhone?

iTunes backup files can be a valuable source of data. iRecovery Stick can process all the data from the iTunes backup file, which is essentially the same user data available directly from the phone. This means that there could be lots of data that is in the iTunes backup file that has been deleted from the phone, thus, allowing you to recover multiple sets of data from the same device using the iTunes account associated to the device.

iRecovery Stick has many more useful features which allow you to explore the iPhone fully, examine data such as:

Sent & Received SMS  –  Internet History   –  Review Malware threats – Examine Contacts List  – Examine Apps data, even hidden Apps

Discover, Recover & Export

You can easily bookmark important data and download easily download the content right off the IRS. – Create your case quickly and easily.

iRecovery Stick for iPhone has many other valuable investigative features that are easy to perform using the IRS’s user friendly software interface.

Users can use the iRecovery Stick on as many iPhones as they like, compatible with all iPhones from iOS 1 right through to the latest iOS 13 update.

iRecovery Stick is FUTURE PROOF technology which can be updated to support the latest iOS remotely; simply press UPDATE on the user interface and ensure you are connected to the web prior to use and iRecovery Stick will automatically check for updates.

Who uses iRecovery Stick for iPhone?

Originally built for the Investigative industry over 10 years ago, the iRecovery Stick for iPhone is the go to tool for iPhone data discovery. Due to iPhones popularity and the treasure trove of data that exists on iPhones, the tool is used by a wide variety of professional and personal users for a variety of reasons, here are few examples of users and usage:

Law Enforcement

LE use the tool to find clues and evidence. Smartphone usage provides the biggest insight into a person’s life. Examinations using the iRecovery stick help identify valuable evidence.

Business Professionals

iRecovery Stick can be used to find lost or misplaced important information on the iPhone. Using the iSearch function allows users to easily explore their iPhone and locate data that they may have lost such as a contact or note. By using the keyword search function, you can search the whole iPhone at once and find any content with the specific keywords used for the search. Find important content from an employee’s iPhone such as all email accounts associated with the iPhone. iRecovery Stick for iPhone will automatically find any email address associated with the device, this is a powerful method for finding alias emails used by unscrupulous employees.

Concerned Parents

Children are naturally secretive and will try and hide their phone usage from parents. Using the IRS allows concerned parents to perform a no trace examination of their child’s iPhone. Saving the content is crucial here as you can then view the data at your own speed and your child will not be aware that you have basically copied every part of their iPhone operating system and can easily perform keyword searches using the IRS’s powerful keyword search engine and explore any recently deleted photos your child may have deleted in the last 30 days. Once you have downloaded their phone, you can easily put the phone back and you can then review the entire iPhones contents and perform recovery process’s such as Recently Deleted Photos.

Cellphone Repair Centers

Damaged cellphones are common place anywhere, use the IRS to provide damaged iPhone customers with a physical backup of their entire phone system. All content on the iPhone can be exported directly to a USB drive using the iRecovery Stick. If the unthinkable happens and you cannot repair their iPhone without data loss, then at least you can provide a service where you have already saved their content off the phone. Use the iRecovery Stick for iPhone to provide additional services such as cellphone discovery and digital forensics examinations.

Information Technology Professionals

IT professionals use the iPhone for all of the above reasons and more. The iRecovery Stick has a malware reporting feature which allows IT professionals to view all suspicious Apps on the iPhone and investigate and remove possible malware on the device. The Malware report is a quick and easy report which enables IT professionals to easily investigate all apps, their usages, and expose potential security threats based on things like app permissions and accessibility to the iPhones contents.

Universities and Digital Forensics Training Centers

As the iRecovery Stick performs discovery of cellphone data in a forensically sound manner, this tool is a great training tool for budding digital forensics students and a great option for colleges and universities to use, use the IRS as many times as you need, for the life of the product, no subscription fees whatsoever and unlimited use.

  • Works on iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices running iOS 14.x and below
  • Must Remove the Passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, and have the iTunes Backup Password
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required

IOS 15 Info

  • IOS 15 was launched on the 20th  September, we are aiming to be compatible with IOS 15 before the end of this year.
  • We have tested IOS 15 with IRS and a lot of acquired data can be extracted without the update.
  • We noticed some missing data in our testing:
  • 3rd Party app reporting – Missing from acquisition. This is where you see all the apps installed on the device and see their threat level.
  • Password Recovery – the data we currently get using IOS 14, the passwords saved to the device, was missing from our testing.
  • Siri Commands – These are recordings saved in WAV format from the phones owner asking Siri questions, voice searching – This was missing from our testing
  • MAP History – Map History was missing from our testing.
  • All other data can still be extracted but we need to get the IRS compatible with IOS 15 before we fully confirm the features list, we expect we will have advanced data to acquire once we are IOS 15 Compatible.
  • Please be aware, if a user is still on IOS 14 all of the above data, can be acquired.




  • iPhone or iPad
  • Find deleted files
  • Search all content
  • Software is PC only, NO MACs
  • Discover hidden content
  • Reveal all images
  • Recover deleted photos
  • Recover voice mails
  • Internet history
  • Examine contacts
  • Examine apps
  • Search iTunes Backups
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Zero Subscription Fees
  • Use w/ Unlimited Phones
  • Data Search Included
  • Works in USA or International
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

2 Reviews

  • Works great on PC devices

    Posted by Aaron Anderson on 13th Nov 2021

    Works as advertised and has a convenient interface.

  • Works great on PC - not for Macs tho

    Posted by Did the trick for my backup on 26th Aug 2020

    I should say it worked just like described, and found a few months worth of stuff... SMS and pics, just no emails, maybe because it was using the google app and not the native apple email app.. who knows. Easy to save stuff to review later. Even found some deleted things - my ONLY gripe is it only works on PC. I mean, iPhone is a mac device, so I figured it would work on my Mac. Fortunately I also had a PC as well which worked fine.

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