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Spy Hawk® Rapid X-Track 3G Ultimate Hardwired GPS Vehicle Tracker

Retail Price: Sale Price:
$395.00 $239.00 (You save $156.00)


Product Description

Call For Volume Discounts - NO Contracts

The Rapid X-Track 3G is more than a typical GPS tracker. It’s also the perfect solution for dispatching calls to your fleet while monitoring the locations of your vehicles and controling electronic equipment on your vehicle.

Realtime Tracking at it's Best - 10 Second Updates

What makes the Rapid X-Track 3G different is its internal antenna system - for an easier installation. With the Rapid X-Track 3G series, you get the same complete control over your fleet, but now with better connectivity across the network.

Imagine having the ability to dispatch service calls directly to your vehicles! Additionally, you’ll know that the route was the most efficient one taken, which drives additional profits to your bottom line. Watching your bottom line LIVE, turn-by-turn, can save you money on fuel costs and labor.

2 Day Backup Battery W/ 3G Network Connectivity

Top Features Of Our GPS Fleet Tracking System

  • Configurable 5-Second or 10 Second Tracking Updates
  • Extreme 8 Inch Position Accuracy
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant Housing
  • 700 mAh battery backup
  • 3-Wire Installation (power, ground & ignition)
  • Ignition + 1 input and 1 output relay driver
  • Instant Google Satellite & Google Street View Maps
  • Unlimited Text or Email Alerts to one or multiple recipients
  • 90-Day Historical Playback / up to 12 Months upon request
  • No Software - Cloud Based Viewing Real Time Activity via Mobile or Desktop
  • Speed Alerts
  • Ultra-Sensitive Built-In Motion Sensor
  • Current Address Lookup
  • GeoFence Zone Alerts
  • Worldwide Tracking Options
  • Simple To Use
  • Vehicle maintenance mode for scheduled fleet service
  • FREE Live Support From Web Control Panel

Top Benefits Of GPS Fleet Trackers

  • Improve productivity & lower labor costs
  • Optimized routing to improve fuel efficiency
  • Blazing fast customer service satisfaction
  • Reduce fleet expenses
  • Recude Idling
  • Scheduling Reminders

1 or 100's - Get A Complete Picture Of Your Entire Fleet In A Single Screen


Watch Vehicle, Person or Asset Move Across Your Screen LIVE as it happens With Accurate Unlimited Real-Time Tracking

No Long Term Contracts! No Hidden Fees Ever! Works Worldwide!

Geofence Alerts


Ever wonder exactly when they arrived or left a location? Now you can know instantly with geofence alerts. Simply draw an area around the Google map location and get an alert via text or email the moment it happens. Looking for more advanced control? Sure thing. If the tracker is not supposed to enter or exit an area between the hours of 9pm and 3am, now you'll know. No matter how large or small the area is, you can set this up as quickly as it takes you to draw a square. If you need to know exactly when someone exits or enters an area at a specific time, you will. Simple as that.





Historical Playback


Enjoy up to 90 days of full historical playback of all location data of every single tracker on your plan. Fast-forward, rewind, pause, zoom-in or zoom-out...everything you need is at your fingertips. All activity is saved and can be played back as easy as a you tube video with traditional playback controls. Export the reporting data for archiving or more. Need more than 90 days? No problem. Let us know and we're happy to get you as much history as your needs require.





Speed Alerts & More


Imagine knowing exactly how fast they're driving at a moments notice. With speed alerts, you're sitting in the drivers seat by setting a speed threshold you feel comfortable with, say 66 Mph, and get a SMS or email alert the moment that speed is reached. The speed is also saved in the history, so it's easy to run a quick speed report over the past day, week, month to know each and every time that speed limit was broken. Additionally, there is a low battery alerts so you'll know exactly when it's time for a re-charge.



Live GPS Tracking Monthly Fees 

Why are there monthly fees for GPS tracking devices?

Just like a cellphone, GPS trackers need a data plan to send the location data from your tracking device to our private network servers. This provides you with live, accurate location data quickly in order to know instantly when your vehicles and/or assets are at any given time. Weather the tracker is on the move, entering into geofenced areas, or to run reports on mileage, speed and even to view hours of operation to name a few.


$25.00 - One-time Activation Cost at Sign-up only

$29.95 - Monthly USA/CANADA - Unlimited Tracking - Cancel Anytime
$49.95 - Outside USA

This is TRULY THE # 1 Real Time Portable GPS Tracking Solution in the Industry today

Real-Time Live GPS Tracking Scenarios

  • Security Companies - Know the exact location of all your security patrol officers
  • Nanny & Teenagers
  • Government & Military
  • Fleet Management - Know the exact location of your entire fleet and company vehicles
  • Mid to Large Size Companies - Know the exact location of all your salesmen and service technicians.
  • Law Enforcement - Know the exact location to determine where the nearest response officers are located for rapid deployment.
  • Rental Vehicles - Know the exact location of your rental vehicles for recovery if required.
  • Hazardous or Critical Cargo - Know the exact location of critical cargo at all times as they are moving.
  • Personal Vehicles - Know the exact location of where your personal vehicles are now and where they have been through out the day, week or month.
  • Family Members - Get better insight to suspicious questionable activity.
  • 911 Emergency Services

Knowing their speed and driving habits can save their lives and your insurance. With our system you log onto the tracking website secured with your very own User Name & Password and instantly you will be remotely tracking your vehicles from your computer. It's that easy! Need to track your 16-year old who got his/her license last week? Not a problem. You can even see how fast they're driving when you're not in the car with them. Need to watch your Nanny with your kids? Not a problem, now you will know every step she makes!



  • GPS and 3G connectivity
  • Configurable for 5- or 10-second LIVE tracking
  • Small - just 2.913”W x 3.268“L x .787”H - ideal for covert or small-space installation
  • Rugged water resistant housing, solid state circuit - quality throughout
  • Unlimited alert notifcations by email and/or text (geofence, speed, route, etc.)
  • 100% web-based - no software to install - accessible from anywhere
  • Hassle-free hardware installation - no batteries to replace
  • Ignition + 1 input and 1 output relay driver
  • Internal 700 mAh backup battery

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